Do you want to know a secret?

I don’t care about you.

I don’t care about you, the reader (or potential reader) of the Mad Pulper stories.

I’m writing these 12 stories entirely and completely for myself. That’s it. I write because I have to write or else I’m dead. I write because I only feel alive when I’m writing. I write because the only time I feel anything even remotely like happiness is when I write.

So I write these 12 pulp stories to entertain myself.

I didn’t decide to put them up as e-books to make money from them. To be perfectly honest, if more than the three people who actually take the time to read this blog plunk down money to read any of these stories, I’ll be surprised. I started this knowing that these stories will be read by at most 20 people, and I can probably name all of them right now.

It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter if 3 people read the Mad Pulper stories, or 20, or 20,000. Because I am writing them for an audience of one: myself.

There are two reasons why I decided that I would post them for sale. One is a very cynical and mean reason that I won’t go into right now, the other is that I wanted to put some pressure on myself. The definition of success in the context of the Mad Pulper Project is: if I can produce 12 short novels in a timeframe that I can, if I so decide, put up one of them each month throughout the year 2011, then I have succeeded. Making the stories available online has only one purpose: proof of accomplishment. I do that, I post the 12th story on December 1, 2011, I have suceeded.

Then again, I don’t need to actually post the stories in order to succeed. I just need to be able to. If you understand the difference. So, perhaps I won’t post them for anyone with $3.49 to spend to read them on their Kindle. Perhaps I will instead just send them out to those 20 people I could already name, as free entertainment. Or perhaps I will, once I’ve finished each story, simply delete it from my hard drive.

We’ll see.